I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank everyone who came out to Sweet CeCe’s of Bowling Green tonight to support my mission to Haiti through this fundraising event!
I was blown away by all the familiar faces. (As I was greeting my friends as they came in the door, one young girl exclaimed, ‘Wow, do you know EVERYBODY?!” Haha!)
A big thanks to my co-workers at SKY Rehab, my girlfriends from small group Bible study, and our Hillvue Heights Junior and Senior High for your support and for bringing your friends!! I had a great time and hope that you were as blessed by the fellowship tonight as I was!


The best part of the whole night was having the privilege of hearing the testimony of one of our junior girls, Hannah, during our senior high service, and then witness the baptism of her great friend, Marina! Hannah spoke with such boldness about her relationship with Jesus and how He has directed her life. Marina accepted salvation through Him and has received a new beginning… a new LIFE!
This is what it’s all about… Jesus truly changes lives!


Marina, confessing faith in Christ through baptism tonight!

Thank you for being a part of a LIFE-changing ministry by supporting my mission in Haiti with myLIFEspeaks!

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