I have never been good at concealing my feelings or keeping good news to myself, so tonight, on the same date that the decision was made, I can’t wait to share with you that I will be moving to Haiti!

I am incredibly overwhelmed and almost in disbelief at how God is working through this… how perfectly He has been orchestrating the details… how lovingly He has been preparing my heart… and how, in His timing, He has been opening the necessary doors.
I love Him so much and am humbled to have this opportunity before me.

Anyone who has read my blog before or has heard me talk about Haiti has heard me mention myLIFEspeaks.

Their vision for Haiti is incredible. Their heartbeat for orphans and children with special needs is in sync with my heartbeat. They are trusting God to bring together the people that they need to make their vision a reality, and God has confirmed His desire for me to have a role in bringing this vision to fruition.

My role on the myLIFEspeaks campus will be to establish a therapy program for the special needs orphans that will make myLIFEspeaks their home. I will be assessing each child and establishing a plan of care for their individual needs so that each child will receive the care that they need to give them the greatest quality of life. I will be providing those one-on-one therapy services as well as educating the staff and volunteers on what they can also do to give these children the best possible life.

Children with disabilities born in Haiti aren’t viewed like children with disabilities born in America. In America, we have programs for these children, we have advocates fighting for their rights, and we have access to therapy programs so that these children endure as little suffering as possible and achieve their greatest potential in life. In Haiti, many parents give up their children with disabilities out of the belief that the child is either cursed, or because they believe that they don’t possess what the child needs. By becoming involved in this community and educating the parents and friends of children with special needs, the children will hopefully one day  be viewed as valuable, just as God sees them.
His beautiful little creations.

An exact date is yet to be determined, but I will be moving sometime near the end of August/beginning of September and living in the myLIFEspeaks house in Leogane, Haiti for at least a year. After that year is over, we will reassess my involvement with myLIFEspeaks and determine what my future role, if any, looks like.

There are so many things to be done, money to be raised, therapy supplies to be gathered, personal loose ends to tie up… but I am confident that all of those things will come together in the next 7 months. I will be writing more about these things as time passes, so expect many more posts in the future as I learn more about this exciting new adventure I’m about to take!

Praise God, He is so good!!

My new home.

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  1. Susan Dean says:

    Elizabeth, what a JOY to hear that your spiritual dream is being realized!! We are so happy for you, sweet girl, and will pray for you as you prepare to move, minister, and make your life in Haiti.

    Susan Dean

  2. Steve Coulter says:

    Wow! I’m so excited and happy for you!!!! (I know I can’t be jealous) You will be such a blessing to these children. I’m so glad Carmen and I got to reconnect with you these past few years. It has been fun to watch as God has worked and molded you and you have responded and grown. Keep us updated!
    God Bless,
    Steve & Carmen

  3. Tracey LeGrand says:

    This is an awesome story! I don’t know you…only read this through Auburnleigh’s link, but I love your heart. As a physical therapist myself who believes my work is also my ministry, I am so encouraged to hear your story and how God is using your Occupational Therapy skills for his Glory! Praise God! Will remember you in prayer!

    Tracey LeGrand

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I know that I don’t get to talk to you in real life or anything. But I am nosey enough that I get to see what takes place in your life and it is incredible!! I know that you have gone through some hard times, can’t imagine your heartache at times. But what God is doing through you is so amazing. I am glad that you don’t like to keep quiet for long, that even those who aren’t terribly close to you relationally still get to hear all the good things that God does. He is doing some really great things in your life and it’s because of your obedience and your gifts.

    I will be praying for you. And as a mother of three I am slightly jealous (but just in a good way. ;)) Where you are right now is just right where you need to be. You are who you and you are where you are because that’s where God can use you best. I guess I should tell myself that to when I feel stuck at home. 🙂 I hope you can keep up your blog a little while you are there so we can hear all he’s doing!!

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