Here is another journal entry that I did not write with the intention of sharing with the public, but have since decided to copy here. Because I wasn’t able to blog while in Haiti, I’m giving my readers a glimpse into my most personal thoughts. =)

(Written 11/13/2011 in my personal journal.)

As I write, I’m sitting in a church service at The Baptist Mission in Haiti…
I want to record some initial thoughts/feelings since our arrival last night. After we made it through immigration (and I almost lost one of my bags thanks to someone loading it on their cart!!), we walked out of the airport down a long outdoor corridor. The first smell that hit my nose was the smell of urine. People lined the fence that spanned the walkway and peered through at us. I noticed a man walking with a crutch that had one leg and wondered if he’d lost his other leg in the earthquake. Crazy.
People everywhere. Rubble and trash everywhere. I can’t even imagine how chaotic it was after the quake. It’s still a mess.

As we loaded the bus with all our luggage and probably twice the number of people we should have, we took off for the guest house. It was so muggy… as we drove, the smell of sewage hung thick in the air. Still… people everywhere.
I wish I could describe it.

I guess I would tell my friends it’s like driving through the poorest part of a town… only the houses are smashed together and falling down… many are simply walls or have tarps for roofs… trash and rubble all over the roads… only the roads aren’t what you’re used to because they’re not smooth, they’re littered with potholes and ruts. Within 15 minutes, half of us on the bus including myself were sick. We had to take a rest break during the long drive to settle our stomachs.

We were like a 95 degree can of sardines on a roller coaster ride through a sewage pipe.

As we had flown in, I teared up when we came to a low enough altitude to see the land. It was breathtaking. The mountains were gorgeous. And then… we got closer and closer to the city, and the destruction, poverty, and heaviness just struck me. You could see it from the air.
Again, tears came to my eyes. I feel for the people of Haiti. What a mess. In such a beautiful place, there are conditions that are just indescribable to typical Americans.

I prayed as we flew over the city and prayed as we landed. And then, as we stepped off the plane and I looked in to the eyes of the men standing at the entrance… beautiful.
Beautiful people.
I have a love for these people.
I only know how to describe it by attributing it to God in me. There is no reason in my sinful being why I would love a people that, on the surface, I have nothing in common with. But it is the CHRIST in me that has a love for the people He created! I will love them through His love.

This morning when I woke up, I went out on to the balcony of the guest house. It’s a spectacular view! I’m thankful for such awesome accommodations!

Now that we’re at church, I’m getting a glimpse of some of the light in this country. Fellow believers. I don’t know what they’re saying… but when they began to sing “How Great Thou Art,” I again teared up at the beauty of the sound!
Like heaven.
Multiple languages -singing together – praises to God!

Not uncommon.

Walking to school...

Yes, those are concrete houses going all the way up the mountain!

Bus view

Another bus view... hustle & bustle

In church (yes, I was journaling AND taking pictures). =)

At the Baptist Mission. Beautiful people.

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