It was my intent to write frequently during my week in Haiti.
Having no internet access combined with immersing myself in building relationships and fully living out my limited time resulted in no blog posts during the week. For that, I am only partially sorry. 😉 I am sorry I was unable to keep you informed of the day-to-day occurrences but not sorry because I know that I was making the most of each minute I had in a country dear to my heart with people who I now love.

Before I write about my experiences in Haiti, I wanted to share something I wrote in my personal journal while on the airplane from Miami to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I didn’t write it with the intent to share publicly, but after re-reading it today, I felt compelled to share. 🙂

(Somewhere between Miami and Port-au-Prince Haiti, 37,000 miles in the air)

I am so excited, I feel like it’s bubbling over and I have to write! On one hand, I feel that God has been preparing me for this trip for a long time… and that He has provided for and equipped me to make this journey and pour in to the lives of those I’ll meet in Haiti. On the other hand, however, so much is a mystery. So many details are yet to unfold. So many details I have to entrust to God. Who will I meet? How can I help them? Where will we go? How does this mission fit in to the big picture… the picture of my life and of God’s plan? Considering these questions, my excitement could easily become anxiety. But because I trust whatever God has in store – because I trust his sovereignty, I have no worries. I am simply a willing vessel. I know I need to keep in constant communication with God in order to discern His will. But He is always leading!

I am seated next to a pastor who apparently is overflowing as well. His energy is wonderful and igniting. His mission for this trip is to work towards establishing internet connections in remote areas so that churches in the US can be in communication through worship/live-feed services. Doctors from hospitals could connect to assist medical staff working in remote areas. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, after we took our seats and introduced ourselves and shared the purposes for our trips, he made an excellent point. This plane, which is one of the largest I’ve ever flown on, is, for the most part, filled with MISSIONARIES!
It’s AWESOME!! We are all from different groups and different areas around the US, but we are all united in Christ. Even in our separate goals for each mission (some in technology like this pastor, some in orphanages, construction, feeding programs, schools, etc), we are still united by one common, very important thing.
The blood of CHRIST!

We stopped talking when the pastor put in his earphones to zone out. A few moments later, however, he cracked me up when he removed his ear phones to reveal a revelation he’d just had. He said that while he was listening to his praise music, he realized that with all the missionaries on this flight, there was probably a lot of praise music going up to God from this flight. If we’re lights unto the world… that would make this plane, in a spiritual realm, look like a giant glowing bullet! haha!
Then, he started cracking up again, and said, or better yet, we’re like a giant flying glow worm! Hilarious.

It’s a funny way to think about it, but it’s true. My thoughts on so many believers in one place initially went to what would happen if the plane went down… eek! But a better thought is what a force we are! If only the church would come together this way every day. We would reach the ends of the earth with the gospel in no time! And Christ would return!! We can hope and pray for revival of the church… but in the mean time, there is work to be done and those of us on this plane are willing!

I am so thankful to have this opportunity. I still can’t believe it. But I am going to make the most of it by pouring out every ounce of my being… and then some… through the power of Christ!!

I ended my journal entry with a prayer to God thanking Him for His provision, for His word, and for placing the desire in my heart to share it. I asked Him to bind Satan away from our team, that we could carry out His work free from distraction or harm, and that He would fill me with His Holy Spirit that He would be glorified through the works of my hands.

The pastor and I then discussed what happens when a glow worm lands. It splats (or better yet, we thought the word “scattered” sounded better) and the little pieces of light are sent out in to the world to share the glow.

First glimpse of the mountains...

Beautiful view flying in to Haiti

Glow worm moving in...

Seeming to graze over the tops of mountains


This is when I started to cry... devastation evident.

Here we go... lights unto the world!!

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  1. Mrs. Dean says:

    Elizabeth, your first blog entry of your trip to Haiti is so very well written straight from your heart. It sounds like those last minute spiritual preparations for your ministry in Haiti were made right there inside the “Giant Flying Glow Worm.” I look forward to future articles and pictures telling about your week in Haiti and what you experienced there. Also, I’m praying for your tummy to settle down. Have a great day of rest and healing.

    Blessings from P’cola!!!

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