My heart has been in Haiti for nearly two years and the closer I get to stepping on the plane in Nashville that will fly me to Port Au Prince, the more my heart swells with love for the people I will meet and share Christ with. However, my heart is not the only organ right now that is driven to accomplish this mission. With each passing day, my mind is becoming more focused on the task at hand and what preparations are necessary before my flight on November 12th.

There are so many things to be done, but the majority of preparation includes the gathering of supplies to take with me.

Many people have asked me questions about who I’m traveling to Haiti with and what the organization is all about. Brent Gambrell Ministries has a large number of wonderful programs going on in Haiti.
The information at the bottom of this blog post is from their website and will give you an idea of the amazing things they are doing right now in a country that needs so much love and assistance. In a country that needs to hear the gospel, the TRUTH!

To keep these programs running, Brent Gambrell partially relies on their missionaries to collect and bring supplies with them when they fly in to Port Au Prince.

This is where you can help in a big way!

My instructions are to fill a large suitcase strictly with items from the following list.
I know there has to be some “extreme couponers” out there that possibly have an item or two from this list of things I need to bring with me to Haiti. πŸ˜‰

Bar Soap




Small notebooks (5×7 size)

Boxes of Crayons

Packs of tuna

Spam and/or Vienna Sausages

New Socks – (all sizes)

New Underwear (all sizes boys/girls, men/women)

It is my desire to bless the socks off of this ministry and the people that we will serve by bringing a HUGE suitcase that is absolutely stuffed with these items that they need! I can’t do it all by myself though, so if you feel God leading you to serve someone (or lots of people in this case!), here is a wonderful opportunity!

Please contact me if you are interested in serving!
(Facebook, call, text, comment here, email, however works best for you… and we will arrange details) πŸ™‚
Thanks so much and God bless you!!

The Missions Division of BGM exists to share the Gospel and love of JESUS CHRIST by partnering with churches and Christian organizations throughout the world.Β 

Here are all the current Programs BGM has going in Haiti…

Evangelism and Discipleship Programs:

  • VBS– Bible Stories, crafts, games, snacks and MUCH MORE!
  • Sports Camp– basic endurance and strengthening skills, soccer drills, obstacle courses, etc.
  • Carnivals– Gospel message, booths of games, prizes, popcorn, snacks, etc.
  • Scholarship Program– helping qualified applicants with schooling/seminary cost, books, uniforms, etc.
  • Village Ministry– hut-to-hut evangelism, prayer teams and distribution of family bags within villages
  • Pastor/Leadership Conferences– equipping Pastor’s/Leadership with curriculum, resources, etc.
  • Revivals– Bringing the WORD OF CHRIST in large group settings to impact that area for CHRIST
  • Youth Camps– week long camps for youth in Haiti preparing them for a DEEPER WALK WITH CHRIST

Feeding Programs:

  • At Risk Villages– Feeding (rice/beans/fish/powdered milk/etc.) to villages identified by Pastors/Churches
  • Orphanages– Feeding (rice/beans/fish/lettuce/fruit/etc.) to specific orphanages we partner with on an ongoing basis
  • Schools– Feeding (rice/beans/fish/powdered milk/etc.) to specific schools we partner with on an ongoing basis

Mobile Medical Care Programs:

  • At Risk Villages – basic hygiene, OTC medications, antibiotics, basic medical needs
  • Orphanages – yearly physicals, basic medical health needs
  • Schools – basic health needs for specific schools we partner with on an ongoing basis
  • Churches – basic medical/health needs for churches identified by Pastors

Building Programs:

  • Homes – 2-3 room permanent structures made with footing, concrete blocks, etc.
  • Churches – permanent structures to house Worship Services, Schools Classes, etc.
  • Schools – permanent structures for School Classes, Feedings, etc.
  • Shelters – permanent open sided structures for Feedings, Activities, etc.
  • Camp Facilities – permanent buildings and housing units to facilitate Summer Camps in Haiti
  • Orphanages – add rooms, buildings, etc. to grow the orphanages we partner with on an ongoing basis
  • Furnishings (School/Church Benches, Tables, Desks, Shelving, etc.) – Wooden or Metal furnishings for the programs mentioned above

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  1. Mrs. Dean says:

    I want to help and have emailed you for direction as to where to send my contribution. Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!

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