I have put off writing this post for a while honestly because I just didn’t have words I felt were adequate to sum up all that I saw, heard, felt, and experienced during my time in Honduras. Actually, I still don’t.
I write because I’m not a good speaker. But even the perfect words wouldn’t be enough to fulfill my desire for you to understand how amazing it is when God uses individuals – with unique talents and gifts that He created in them – to glorify His name.
Imagine the perfect blossoming of your being… when the life experiences that have molded you in to who you are suddenly are put to the greatest and most fulfilling use that exists in all of life.
To glorify God to the ends of the earth.

This is what I wish I could describe in words for you.

During the past few months, for the first time in my life, I have actually felt thankful for the experiences in my past that, up until now, were sometimes too painful to even talk about. It’s like the molding of my entire being (through good experiences and bad) is finally starting to make sense. I’m guessing that most of us carry burdens, secrets, and scars that weigh us down and can sometimes be crippling if we let them. But our God is so great, He can use the nastiest and most painful earthly hurts and bring new life and joy from them.

New life in Christ (2 Cor 5:17) means that I am no longer ashamed of my sin. And I am learning not only how God can redeem my mess-ups, but how I can learn from my messes and teach others through my testimony.

With that in mind, I’d like to share a little about each site we visited and what took place while we were there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Las Casitas
The first place in Honduras I shared my testimony was at an orphanage for young girls.
I shared how, although I grew up in church, I tried to go my own way after I left home, and ended up tangled up in many sins… I was trying to find fulfillment in all sorts of worldly pleasures, but nothing was satisfying. Nothing filled the emptiness in my heart… nothing but Jesus. At least one girl was saved this day and another was released from her bondage of suicidal thoughts. Praise God!

Elizabeth, Isabel (15), and Sahira (7 months)

Isabel's baby, Sahira

We used a notebook and translators to communicate.

At our last visit. During the week, we had unknowingly made each other the same kind of card!

Coloring Bible stories together

Saying 'goodbye for now' (Isabel wearing her new UK shirt) =)

Nursing Home
At this nursing home, we had the opportunity to love on the elderly, share the gospel and testimonies with them, share in a time of worship including Spanish sign language, and serve snacks. We prayed over them and they shared their stories with us. Many of them are forgotten by their families and don’t have the day-to-day love and attention we experience and often take for granted.

Stephen talks with an elderly man.

Brad shares the gospel message

Praying over the elderly.

Outside the concrete walls of the nursing home.

Manos Unidas En Cristo
At this soup kitchen, we divided into teams and served Jesus with our many talents. A handful of us went upstairs to set up a make-shift medical clinic. We had two nurses (Heather and Katie) and myself (an occupational therapist), as well as some volunteers who prayed over the patients after we were finished cleaning and bandaging their wounds, splinting, etc. A group of us also made the food to be served to the homeless and some even washed babies as they were brought in to the building. We shared our testimonies here, and of course, the gospel message, and people were saved here as well!! We also had a time of worship, including the Hispanic sign language we had learned and practiced. I absolutely loved this time in the medical clinic… it sparked a huge passion to further my education in order to better serve while in areas such as these. I am excited to tell everyone that I am now looking in to a wound care specialist program. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our make-shift medical clinic, interpreter (Cynthia), and two nurses (Katie and Heather)

Cleaning and repairing a large wound from a knife fight

Knife wound... AFTER!

Making a splint for a lady with an injured wrist.

Loving on the homeless children.

Feeding a hungry child.

Los Bordos

We spent several days in this village on the river… it is comprised of families who live in make-shift homes of scrap wood, metal, and dog food bags on land that they don’t own surrounded by sewage, trash, and disease. We held a sewing clinic to teach the women how to make goods to sell and create a better life for their families, ran a vacation Bible school for the children, and our nurses bandaged wounds on our bus.

Sweethearts showing off the craft they made during VBS.

Lots of hugs and cuddles here. ๐Ÿ™‚

The sewing clinic.

Josh teaching the children during VBS

Taking a walk through Alba's village.

A young man stands in front of his home, watching the "gringos" walk by

La Carosa
This was another village where we spent a lot of time. Like the Bordos, it is an extremely poor area with homes set up along the river. Again, like in Los Bordos, we had vacation Bible school for the little ones each day, teaching them about Jesus through Bible stories, crafts, and games. This was one of my most favorite places to visit. The children were very interested in what we had to teach them, and so very polite!!

This little guy melts my heart!!

Jesus te ama!

Painting with kool-aid. Who knew?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cuddling with Henry

Children of La Carosa.

Public School
I wrote a blog post (click here to read) about my experience at the public schools. We had just a few minutes to prepare what to say to the children. As I stood before a classroom full of bright-eyed, third grade students, God gave me the words to share with them. It was wonderful. God reminded me that day how He has been working on my heart my whole life to mold me in to the women He created me to be. Even as a child, He was already cultivating interests and desires in me and has recently revealed WHY He made me that way. It’s so wonderful. I feel truly loved by my Father.

Drew sharing the gospel in the classroom after I shared my testimony

The Sparrow Missions team outside the public school in beautiful San Pedro Sula

Public Hospital
I also wrote a blog post about our time in the public hospital… it was one of my favorite experiences of the whole trip. I felt right at home in a place that other people feel uncomfortable and felt bold to pray over others and share with them the love of Christ. I don’t have many pictures… I felt like it wasn’t appropriate to take pictures of little sick and burned bodies lying in hospital beds, but the images are burned in to my mind forever.

"God Bless You!"

"Smile! Jesus Loves You!"

Nueva Esperanza
For those of you who know me well, you will be surprised to know that I cried ONLY ONCE during the entire trip. (Okay, only one sad cry. Any other time was overflowing joy!) You can call me a cry baby, or just say I’m in touch with my emotions, but it’s not odd to see me with tears of either joy or tears of sorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The one time I cried out of pure gut-wrenching sorrow was at Nueva Esperanza, an orphanage with not only young children, but children with disabilities and newborn babies. Those of you who know me well also know my heart for babies, children with disabilities, and orphans. Because of this, I was doomed to a future of tears before I even walked in the door!
After I had fed, rocked, and cuddled with tiny little Carmencita, I had to put her back in her crib and walk away knowing she had no one to love her and care for her. I cried all the way back to the bus and to our next stop. I prayed that a loving, Christian family would come along and adopt her… but the reality is that there are SO many orphans and so few willing. Their futures are very unclear and honestly, scary. I would be surprised if all of the children with disabilities we saw while there are actually even still living now as I write this. I’m positive God has called me to adoption. Maybe even adoption of a child with a disability… there are so many who need loving homes.

Tiny Carmencita

Hernando had the best laugh!! I was tickling him here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoying a peaceful time together after Carmencita's feeding.

Some of our missionaries playing with the many babies

Not prepared to say goodbye...

This experience reinforced the call in my life to continue living out my passion for children, my passion for human beings with disabilities, and my passion for orphans. Afterall, I was once an orphan who didn’t know her Father. And even though I ignored and turned my back on Him time after time, He not only was there, waiting to wrap me in His loving arms, He sought out my heart until I had no choice but to say YES!!

I will forever be grateful for my time in Honduras and will never forget the way that God moved in us and through us to carry out His will. I can safely say that this wasn’t a one-and-done deal for me. I have plans to return to Honduras to continue carrying out God’s work with Sparrow Missions and continue building relationships that were started during my time there.

I am also confident that God used this mission in Honduras as the beginning of something more permanent in my life. Although I’m not sure what that is specifically yet, I do know that God used it to help me become more BOLD in sharing Christ with others and CONFIDENT in who I am, because of Him. HE gives me my value, and I find my purpose in life by sharing Him with the world, so that He will be worshiped and His name glorified.

Thanks to everyone who provided words of encouragement, prayers, and financial support. I have absolutely loved sharing this journey with you and look forward to the adventures ahead!!

4 responses »

  1. Gissela Perdomo says:

    Gracias, gracias, gracias Elizabeth As a Honduran and part of that mission team; I had the bless to see you loving our Children. I am sure God will give us more opportunities to chare mission trips on the future. He will continue using you in a professional and a Spiritual way Elizabeth. May God keep Blessing your heart guiding your step and embracing you with his Love so you can keep loving other the same way He does to you =D.

  2. Jenny Mills says:

    Amazing. I cried reading this! I would probably by crying the whole entire trip, but especially in the orphanage. Kids, and especially this with disabilities, tug at your heart strings! Great post and loved seeing the pictures from your trip ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Mrs. Dean says:

    Elizabeth, I cried reading what the Lord did through you AND in you during your trip to Honduras. Feeling your emotions through your incredible writing brought it all to life right here on the written page.

    It is a blessing to see how you touched a lot of lives that week~~ all in the name of JESUS. I am praying for you as you seek God’s will in your further educational endeavors, ministry endeavors, and personal endeavors. We’ll be praying for you as you make your final preparations for your Haiti mission trip. May you always experience and enjoy God’s best blessings as you live your life for HIM and for others.

  4. […] I returned from Honduras in July, I wrote a blog post (Honduras Recap) to summarize my experiences and reflect on what I’d learned. I wrote that one of the most […]

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