Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today has been an amazing day!

This morning, we began the day with our normal routine of breakfast, then our devotional and group prayer time before loading the bus. Our first stop was at Los Bordos, an extremely poor area. Make-shift homes are set up along the river so that the people have access to water. There is no running water and no sewage management. Trash is everywhere. It can be a very dangerous area, and no one was allowed to be alone at any time. We also had to keep a very close eye on our belongings. Despite the extreme heat, I kept my backpack on at all times. I sweat like a fat man at an all-you-can-eat buffet at home. Needless to say, I was drenched.

We split in to two teams. One team gathered in a small church in the village to teach women to use sewing machines to make clothes in order to support their families with hopes to move out of the Bordos. The other group gathered children on a soccer field behind some homes to run a vacation bible school.
If you know me, you already know which group I was with!

This by far was my favorite experience. We shared with the children the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 people with a boy’s small lunch, and how they, too, can use even the smallest of their gifts to serve the Lord. We then allowed the children to decorate small fans with directions to share them with others to show them love. Then we played games. I’ll have to share a video of the children playing one of the games when I get a chance.

With sweet little Jennifer

These children are so curious and so loving! Of course, there are mischievous ones as well… a few boys were boisterous during the Bible study and made it difficult for the other children to pay attention. We were also later told by one of the little girls that one of the boys had stolen some of our markers. Don’t get me wrong when I brag on them… Honduran children are sinful human beings just like the rest of us… 😉

We then came back to our camp to have lunch before heading back out to another village, La Carosa. A few weeks ago, Sparrow Missions built a building to be used as a church as well as for other activities, such as an after-school program. Justin (executive director of Sparrow Missions) told me that he was worried the building was too big, but the day they had the ribbon cutting ceremony, that it was overflowing with people. The same happened today. I’m guessing there were over 100 children there today to learn about Jesus.

I thought I had a great time with the children at Los Bordos. But when the same Bible story was shared with these kids at La Carosa, they all listened intently and answered all of the questions with such enthusiasm!! During craft time, they shared supplies with each other and were very polite. I was blown away. Our group of missionaries led worship with Hispanic Sign Language, and many of the children were copying, trying to learn the songs as well. It was precious. And when Drew prayed and our interpreter shared the prayer in Spanish, the children began copying his prayer as well. It was so precious to hear one hundred kids praying to God so enthusiastically.

Prior to today, I had wondered how to share the gospel with little ones. It is easier to share it with an older child or adult. But I had wondered, how do you share Christ without “dumbing it down” or leaving anything out for the sake of being able to share Jesus’ love with the little ones? Then I was encouraged by God. These kids love when we come. They stand at our bus doors just waiting for us to step off, and cheer when we do. They run in to our arms for hugs. They just know that we love them. And as we’re working and playing with them, we’re telling them “Jesus te ama!” (Jesus loves you!) And maybe… just maybe… we’re planting seeds in their little hearts… and as they grow and think back to these times and how they felt so loved and experienced such joy, that they remember that name. Jesus.
Jesus equals love.
Jesus equals joy.
I want to know more about this Jesus…
I want to follow Jesus… I want to give my life to Jesus.

I am so thankful to have this opportunity to share Jesus with these little ones and their parents.
Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m here. It all happened so quickly and what was required to get here was provided seemingly so effortlessly. It’s incredible. I’ve never felt a greater sense of purpose than I have since being here… like everything that God has been working and growing in me is coming to fruition and I can see why He created me the way that I am!

Please continue praying for the works to be done here, and for more people to come to know Christ!
Thank you!
More to come soon. 🙂

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  1. Courtney Baldwin says:

    I love you! Simple as that.

  2. Jenifer Lloyd says:

    Elizabeth, this blog touched my heart in more ways than one! Recently, I have been feeling the Lord work & pull me in directions I have never been before & just by reading the precious words you have written I have confirmed with myself that I, too, wish to take a mission trip & spread the word of Jesus! Thank you for all you do & for reaching out to people you don’t even know are listening. You truly are an Angel ❤

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