Life is moving so fast and so many blessings have been thrown my way, I feel like I need to sit down to keep from becoming dizzy!
(Oh, good. Desk chair. Yay.) πŸ™‚

Just one week ago, I was invited to join a team of missionaries going to Honduras for one week in July. I will have the opportunity to serve in some of the poorest places in the world, love on orphans in San Pedro Sula, and serve the people of Honduras as we set up medical clinics. As a pediatric therapist, I am thrilled to use my knowledge and experience for Christ in this capacity.

Since finding out about this opportunity, God has really been moving in big ways and so much has happened…
I have been able to get the time off of work (a big accomplishment since I do not have luxuries like paid time off, etc.)!!
I hope that I continue to have the support of my co-workers and boss of my call to serve those in other nations.

I have cleaned out my closets with the intention of selling and giving away a lot of my stuff to 1) de-clutter and help others in need, as I have realized I have more than enough, and 2) to raise money for my trip.
(Thanks to Radical by David Platt for the push to self-examine my pursuit of the “American Dream” versus Christ’s command to leave our lives of comfort, give away all our possessions, and follow Him).

I have begun telling family and friends about the exciting news. (Which, by the way, has been met with zero scrutiny, Praise God! It wouldn’t have deterred me by any means, but obviously complete positive response versus doubt is preferred.)
For example…
I shared with a friend a few months ago my aching desire to serve in Haiti and her response was that we should help “our own” before we help those in other countries. This immediately did not sit well with me. I know it does not reflect Biblical truth to “make disciples of all nations” because how are you to make disciples if you don’t GO!?
Who, then would be “our own?” Did not God create us all? Or is there a select breed of human beings that He values more than others? I understand that it is difficult for those who have not been crucified with Christ to understand this concept, as it is much easier to become wrapped up in the American dream, serving only ourselves and wearing blinders to the rest of the world. Therefore, I have grace that is sufficient to cover this person’s ignorance. πŸ˜‰

also… I have started working on a letter to send to prospective supporters who will help fund my trip. I hope to clearly convey my heart for sharing the gospel to people all over the world as well as my passion and desire to serve children, namely orphans in the poorest parts of the world. I have zero doubt that God has prepared my heart for this mission and that He is calling me to GO! I have complete faith that He will provide the means for me to get there without having to neglect my bills or sell my organs. πŸ˜‰

While I’m on the topic of financing this mission… I wrote a check for $950 on Sunday. WOW.
The trip costs $1250, plus medical expenses for shots, supplies, etc.
Also because I don’t have any paid time off, I will lose a quarter of my paycheck that month.
I am stepping out in faith that God will provide EVERYTHING that I need to follow Him.

So, in obedience, I gave my tithe at NorthEast Christian Church Sunday morning, and then, at the mission meeting Sunday afternoon at Hope Community Church, I wrote a big ole’ check for $950. That’s a lot of money!
It’s amazing though, acting out of complete faith. I’m not saying to be a fool and just walk off of a bridge and hope that God catches you… We’re also called to be wise with our money (wow, there are so many references to money in scripture)! I wouldn’t have written a cold check, that would have been dishonest and… well… just stupid. I was fully prepared to pay for the trip myself. God doesn’t say follow me and I’ll make it all roses and kittens for you. We’re called to sacrifice and we’re told that following Christ isn’t going to be easy.
But I do also believe that God also opens doors when we are acting in accordance with His will.

In the mean time, my wonderfully amazing mother was meeting at the Lawrenceburg United Methodist Church with their women’s group, and she shared my story with the ladies (which, by the way, she later told me, included a little bit about my struggle in this “new life” concerning my lack of believer friends and God’s answer to that after several days in a row of praying and crying out to him – literally – crying every night to be connected with believers in this area… but more about that later). πŸ˜‰ She also of course told them about my opportunity to share Christ with the people of Honduras.

This check writing and my mom sharing at her church occurred simultaneously on the same day, which also happened to be my birthday (yesterday). πŸ™‚
When my family got together for dinner last night, my mom gave me my birthday card from her and dad… then my gift… which was an envelope with a check inside for my trip. She then began pulling envelope after envelope out of her purse, from the ladies at her church… then my grandpa, aunt, younger brothers, sister-in-law, and brother’s girlfriend handed me their envelopes. I had asked that no one get me any gifts, as I have realized that I have so much more than what I need.
So these envelopes were just piling up on the table…

And in a matter of moments…

I had $830 in front of me!!!

Praise God.
I was wrecked… tears were spilling.
He is sooooo good!!


My day started at NorthEast Christian Church on Pentecost Sunday, watching over 60 people come forward to be spontaneously baptized, church clothes and all…

[I stated to my Aunt Paulette who witnessed it as well that nothing that happened for the rest of my birthday could top being able to witness so many people give their lives to Christ and follow in obedience through Baptism. It absolutely blew me away. I feel like I just cried throughout the entire thing, standing there watching so many “burials” and “resurrections.”]

and then…
as if that wasn’t enough for one day…
God decided to wish me a happy birthday and just rock my world again!!

I am just super overwhelmed at this point and completely unable to express the depth of emotion, gratitude, and excitement that I have right now for how He is leading me and providing for me.

It is absolutely freeing and incredibly joy-producing!

It is late now and a full day of work awaits me tomorrow, so I will wrap this up for now… my amazing birthday weekend is over, but this exciting journey has just begun!

Edit 6/15/11: Here is the video from Sunday… when God moved so incredibly in so many lives at NorthEast Christian Church and over 60 people were baptized!

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  1. Jenny Mills says:

    I have said it once and I will say it again: you have such a way with words. I just love reading what you write (especially the humor!). Reading this brought me to tears–tears of joy though! I LOVE hearing how much you have grown in Christ and hope that I can grow more too!

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